Social Media Info Privacy Secrets Revealed

News 07:11 November 2023:

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Some people may be of the belief that online privacy when they make use of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Snapchat, Twitter and tumblr is a private matter. So, if you do not want to have your information out on the public, just do not provide it to social media.  Sounds simple, right? By using social media platforms like facebook, Youtube etc you can get free facebook likes and so on as well.

How much is really private?

However, keeping your information from getting into public domain is not just about the choices you make. It is also a function of the choices your friends make as well. Results obtained from a study of an old (not functioning any more) social media website depict that people living in the digital age may want to stop and give a thought to just how much control they really have on their personal information and what they consider as the boundaries of their privacy.

Your social media knows more about you than you think

When someone decides to join a social network, the very first thing they need to do is find their friends. To help in this process, a lot of apps offer the option of importing contacts from your email, Facebook or phone, to offer you matches with the people who are already on the network.

It seems innocuous to share your contact lists. There seems nothing wrong in offering your contact lists. You are their friend, after all, and you have given them your phone number and email address. More often than not, you probably just want to stay connected to the person, possibly even on a social media website.

But the social media network now has access to that information, whether the owner wanted it to be shared or not.

Shadow profiles

But the social network then has that information — whether or not the owner of it wanted it shared. The ability of the Social media platforms to collect this extra bit of information into what are known as shadow profiles was first found with a bug on Facebook in 2013. The bug shared phone numbers and email addresses of around 6 million people with all the friends even though this information was not made public.

The bug was immediately fixed by Facebook. But soon afterwards a few users noticed that their profiles had their phone numbers still filled in even though they had never given out their phone numbers to Facebook. What had really happened was that Facebook had held on to the phone numbers from the contact lists that were innocently handed over by their friends and had filled in the information that was missing. A shadow profile became a reality now.

Are Shadow Profiles intended?

Not at all does it mean that social media sites are intently indulging in creation of these social media profiles of people who want to have nothing to do with social networks in the first place. However, they certainly are in a position to do so with the information people provide to social media networks and the computing abilities that these platforms have.

Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Social Media Blogging

Social Media Blogging on channels like YouTube, Snapchat, twitter, tumblr, vimeo etc. can take days of your time before you can get it right. To make it even trickier, not the same blog may work the best on all the social media platforms you wish to target. So, you may have to fine tune your blog to target each channel to make it effective.

It will not be long before you start your unending journey of reading posts made by your favorite brands. Before it is too long, you will find yourself looking on all pages on all the channels. Hours will pass by and you would have achieved nothing besides having seen all Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, soundcloud, spotify, tumblr, twitter, vimeo and YouTube pages of the brands. This can take a lot of time away from you – time that you could have used for better things like writing your own blog.

So, instead of wasting your time, we present to you some tips and tricks that will save you from the flood of updates on social media, Here is how you can be a master of your social media strategy by spending just 10 minutes in one day.

1. Prioritize platforms

It is close to impossible to be running a business while keeping up with all social media channels every day. You will be running very thin and will not be able to do a good job of connecting with your audience on any of them. That is why we recommend that you focus your efforts on just the most popular and relevant social media sites.

2. Stay on top of your social media with tools like Hootsuite

You want to be on top of any mentions of your brands, questions that you need to answer or direct messages. This can take up a lot of your time if you have a lot of platforms to go through.

Rather that wasting your time in checking each channel individually, get all the updates from your Hootsuite account. Just one single account on HootSuite can be used to stay on top of all the channels that you are monitoring.

3. Get quick updates with tools like Feedly

It can get stale very quickly if you are sharing only your own material. Curating and sharing other content will set you up as a thought leader. This will allow you to provide different flavors to your posts with each material that you put out.

Now, you will not have that kind of material sitting around. So, you will need to curate stuff from other people to ensure the freshness of your content. Feedly is a great tool for that.

4. Scheduling and Batching

Rescheduling and batching can help you in producing all your updates in the same time window and allows you to reuse old stuff which helps in reducing the amount of fresh content that you may need. This will help you in saving time and also ensuring that you are not missing something with each post. As long as you take care of everything in the batch, you will get done smoothly.

5. Use buffer to schedule everything

You will definitely need help in scheduling your social media posts and monitoring them for user activity. Scheduling apps like buffer can help you with the procedure of content sharing and to help you in establishing yourself as an industry influencer.

6. Create Twitter Lists

Create your lists depending on things such as top influencers, marketing news, and other topics that are relevant to the brand. This will help you create specific channels and appropriate content for each channel.

We suggest that you create multiple lists depending on the type of content so that you will be able to quickly differentiate between the content on each channel.

7. Stay in touch with popular accounts by making use of Sales Navigator on LinkedIn

The biggest benefit of LinkedIn is the quality of contacts that you will find. So, you do not have to be concerned about keeping up with publishing content. You can rather focus on connecting with a handful of quality people every week. The Sales Navigator provided by LinkedIn can be a very helpful tool for this purpose.