Social Media Info Privacy Secrets Revealed

Some people may be of the belief that online privacy when they make use of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Snapchat, Twitter and tumblr is a private matter. So, if you do not want to have your information out on the public, just do not provide it to social media.  Sounds simple, right? By using social media platforms like facebook, Youtube etc you can get free facebook likes and so on as well.

How much is really private?

However, keeping your information from getting into public domain is not just about the choices you make. It is also a function of the choices your friends make as well. Results obtained from a study of an old (not functioning any more) social media website depict that people living in the digital age may want to stop and give a thought to just how much control they really have on their personal information and what they consider as the boundaries of their privacy.

Your social media knows more about you than you think

When someone decides to join a social network, the very first thing they need to do is find their friends. To help in this process, a lot of apps offer the option of importing contacts from your email, Facebook or phone, to offer you matches with the people who are already on the network.

It seems innocuous to share your contact lists. There seems nothing wrong in offering your contact lists. You are their friend, after all, and you have given them your phone number and email address. More often than not, you probably just want to stay connected to the person, possibly even on a social media website.

But the social media network now has access to that information, whether the owner wanted it to be shared or not.

Shadow profiles

But the social network then has that information — whether or not the owner of it wanted it shared. The ability of the Social media platforms to collect this extra bit of information into what are known as shadow profiles was first found with a bug on Facebook in 2013. The bug shared phone numbers and email addresses of around 6 million people with all the friends even though this information was not made public.

The bug was immediately fixed by Facebook. But soon afterwards a few users noticed that their profiles had their phone numbers still filled in even though they had never given out their phone numbers to Facebook. What had really happened was that Facebook had held on to the phone numbers from the contact lists that were innocently handed over by their friends and had filled in the information that was missing. A shadow profile became a reality now.

Are Shadow Profiles intended?

Not at all does it mean that social media sites are intently indulging in creation of these social media profiles of people who want to have nothing to do with social networks in the first place. However, they certainly are in a position to do so with the information people provide to social media networks and the computing abilities that these platforms have.

Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Social Media Blogging

Social Media Blogging on channels like YouTube, Snapchat, twitter, tumblr, vimeo etc. can take days of your time before you can get it right. To make it even trickier, not the same blog may work the best on all the social media platforms you wish to target. So, you may have to fine tune your blog to target each channel to make it effective.

It will not be long before you start your unending journey of reading posts made by your favorite brands. Before it is too long, you will find yourself looking on all pages on all the channels. Hours will pass by and you would have achieved nothing besides having seen all Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, soundcloud, spotify, tumblr, twitter, vimeo and YouTube pages of the brands. This can take a lot of time away from you – time that you could have used for better things like writing your own blog.

So, instead of wasting your time, we present to you some tips and tricks that will save you from the flood of updates on social media, Here is how you can be a master of your social media strategy by spending just 10 minutes in one day.

1. Prioritize platforms

It is close to impossible to be running a business while keeping up with all social media channels every day. You will be running very thin and will not be able to do a good job of connecting with your audience on any of them. That is why we recommend that you focus your efforts on just the most popular and relevant social media sites.

2. Stay on top of your social media with tools like Hootsuite

You want to be on top of any mentions of your brands, questions that you need to answer or direct messages. This can take up a lot of your time if you have a lot of platforms to go through.

Rather that wasting your time in checking each channel individually, get all the updates from your Hootsuite account. Just one single account on HootSuite can be used to stay on top of all the channels that you are monitoring.

3. Get quick updates with tools like Feedly

It can get stale very quickly if you are sharing only your own material. Curating and sharing other content will set you up as a thought leader. This will allow you to provide different flavors to your posts with each material that you put out.

Now, you will not have that kind of material sitting around. So, you will need to curate stuff from other people to ensure the freshness of your content. Feedly is a great tool for that.

4. Scheduling and Batching

Rescheduling and batching can help you in producing all your updates in the same time window and allows you to reuse old stuff which helps in reducing the amount of fresh content that you may need. This will help you in saving time and also ensuring that you are not missing something with each post. As long as you take care of everything in the batch, you will get done smoothly.

5. Use buffer to schedule everything

You will definitely need help in scheduling your social media posts and monitoring them for user activity. Scheduling apps like buffer can help you with the procedure of content sharing and to help you in establishing yourself as an industry influencer.

6. Create Twitter Lists

Create your lists depending on things such as top influencers, marketing news, and other topics that are relevant to the brand. This will help you create specific channels and appropriate content for each channel.

We suggest that you create multiple lists depending on the type of content so that you will be able to quickly differentiate between the content on each channel.

7. Stay in touch with popular accounts by making use of Sales Navigator on LinkedIn

The biggest benefit of LinkedIn is the quality of contacts that you will find. So, you do not have to be concerned about keeping up with publishing content. You can rather focus on connecting with a handful of quality people every week. The Sales Navigator provided by LinkedIn can be a very helpful tool for this purpose.

3 Reasons why Automatic Favorites will not be Beneficial

Many people have opted for Automatic Favorites in social media today. They now consider it the most amazing tool to boost their popularity. Many use auto likes to ensure they get as many likes as possible but for real social media users, this is cheating. You may even end up losing your followers once they realize you are using bots to boost your likes and followers. To others, it’s just a technique to keep them surviving on social media. Read below to get 3 reasons why automatic favorites will not be beneficial.

Automatic Favorites are short term

If you are keen and observant, you will not fail to realize that nothing permanent comes from auto favorites. For example, if you subscribe for automatic favorites, let’s say a monthly subscription, you will be eligible for favorites for only one month. This means after then, you get back to attracting just a few likes as usual. So, what’s the need for something that will not benefit you in the long run?

Negative effect on engagement

Using automatic favorites will just create an illusion of how popular you are on social media. Some people might tell you otherwise, but we all know that likes on social media come because people fall in love with what you posted. Using automatic favorites is just a way of lying to yourself because real likes and followers should come from real people and this is the only way you are confident that your posts are attractive.

It’s not natural

The idea of using automatic favorites is not actually embraced by everyone. Even though we have many people using it, many are not comfortable with it at all. This is due to the fact that using auto likes is unnatural and nothing about it looks real. Using them might not benefit you at all because once your followers find out that you are using auto favorites for your posts, they will be discouraged and may not like them at all. This will make you lose your real likes and the auto ones are just on subscription. You wouldn’t prefer them, not unless you want to keep spending on them for the rest of your life on social media.

Automatic favorites are just meant for your ego. Or what do you call that feeling of being popular? And to be sincere, every social media platform users enjoy having lots of likes and followers than they already have. Many forget that attracting them using auto favorites is not long-term. You will only be popular if you keep subscribing now and then after that, reality will hint back. You may no longer have those automatic favorites as you would wish to.

Instead of using most of your time trying to find an easy way to get more likes and autolikes, go out there, do your research and find out the only way you can get those many likes and followers you wish without affecting your posts. Automatic favorites are not that bad, but you need to be cautious because they might not be of any benefits in the long run. 

Slip-ups People Make with the Automatic Favorite

Computerized showcasing is the in thing today. Organizations are receiving incredible rewards from automatic favorites. It has given a superior and quicker method for showcasing one’s matter of fact. It is likewise less expensive and progressively advantageous. There are a significant number of highlights that are accessible on the different computerized showcasing stages that help the advertisers to upgrade their battles. At the center of every single computerized promoting effort is perceivability. An online nearness alone isn’t sufficient. One needs to guarantee that their online nearness is likewise being felt and seen; this is what is alluded to as perceivability. There are a serious number of highlights accessible that help with the getting of this perceivability. One such component is the programmed top choice.

There are anyway individuals who whine that the automatic favorites does not work. Then again, there are such a large number of other individuals that are lauding the automatic favorites and discussing how it did ponders for them. The inquiry at that point progresses toward becoming who isn’t right and who is correct. By the day’s end, it works; the key is simply to utilize it right. There are various errors that the vast majority make when managing this element and some of them are featured beneath.

For the individuals who go with the alternative to purchase the automatic favorites, there are those that disregard the need to direct research and due perseverance. They generally end up running for the primary shabby offer that they run over. This is really one of the greatest errors that most advanced advertisers make. You generally need to recall this is an expert administration; it along these lines should be offered by an expert; an expert who comprehends the intricate details of advanced promoting and the utilization of these highlights. Working with an expert won’t just get you a decent programmed top pick, it will likewise get you sound counsel on the most ideal approach to utilize it. How would you affirm that a specific specialist co-op is an expert? by directing legitimate due industriousness! Never overlook this progression as you continued looking for a specialist co-op.

It is likewise essential to take note of that shoddy is generally costly. From the point that was expressed above, you have to guarantee that you work with an expert to get the greatest conceivable profit by the automatic favorites. It is normal information in every single industry that experts charge a premium for the administration that they offer. This is on the grounds that they ordinarily ensure quality and powerful and productive administration conveyance. This all demonstrates it is in all respects impossible that an expert will rush to offer you tentatively modest costs. It is extremely significant that you be exceptionally enthusiastic about the evaluating of the administrations that you will get. Experts charge the premium since they ensure that they will take into account your needs as they ought to be taken into account. When in doubt in business, you need to utilize cash to profit. Quit attempting to set aside a lot of cash at the expense of the accomplishment of your business.

Twitter Poll the Best Engagement Tool


Today you can’t think of social media marketing and not include twitter polls in your marketing strategy. Besides giving you first hand insight about how your audience feel, twitter polls is a trendy way of engaging with your audience.

Setting up a twitter poll won’t require any technical knowledge, in fact it’s as simple as posting a tweet. Follow this guide on how to set up a twitter poll.

  • One you are on the twitter page navigate to the home option.
  • Select the “write tweet” button located on the top-right corner of the screen (the box has a feather inside). Clicking this will expand the screen where normally you would write your tweet content.
  • Now select the “Add Poll” button. The button is located just below the tweet box indicated by one vertical line intersected by three other horizontal lines of different lengths. After selecting this option, two blank poll options will display.
  • The poll allows for options ranging from two to four choices. By default the poll’s duration is 24 hours but you can change this up to seven days according to your wish.
  • Although twitter polls don’t allow images, you can however add a hashtag prior to the main poll keywords to boost visibility of the poll.
  • A tip to remember: Voters’ choices are anonymous and options chosen is only visible to them. The person who created the poll also cannot see the voters’ choices and can only see the aggregate number of votes that the poll has gathered.

Now that you can comfortably set up your twitter polls, what are some of the benefits you derive from the poll?

Audience insight

There is nothing valuable to a business than genuine first-hand insight about the consumer opinion. Businesses depend on such information to guide their marketing strategies as well as product success. So, twitter polls can be an invaluable feature as businesses can get such information without spending much.

Increase engagement

Twitter polls happens to be among the best performing engagement feature compared to the others, this is partly because they are still new and people love experimenting new things especially when it comes to socializing. The other reason is due to the freedom that the poll allows the audience to express their opinion through voting. The anonymity of the poll makes the poll authentic and credible as the voters have no fear of someone seeing what they voted for.

More visibility

When more people check your poll, this increases the visibility of your twitter page which in turn enhances your online media presence. This can perfectly work well for start-ups and small businesses that don’t have a huge following on twitter.

A chance to ask anything

The advantage of a poll is that you can ask your audience anything you want as long as it serves your interest and the audience will participate. Topics can range from politics, weather, sports, most favorable day of the week or even preference between cats and dogs! Creativity here is vital, making your polls interesting and fun is important to ensure they attract maximum engagement but ensure you don’t ignite conversations that can develop into hash arguments among your followers.

4 Ways you can usher in 2019 With a Twitter Polls

The Christmas euphoria is almost culminating but the New Year is here with us. Although the rush hour shopping that comes with Christmas isn’t expected as we usher in the New Year, Twitter users will be more likely notching the web for the last-minute deals.

Businesses and brands can take up this opportunity and engage their followers with twitter polls to weigh in on different options that they can consider which will give them complete command over what they choose to buy. Here is how you can use twitter polls to reach last-minute twitter shoppers.


Offer tempting deals

The long December month has plowed a deep hole in many people’s pockets, and an exciting deal that is offering discount will be welcome. Instead of just announcing that certain products or services will be sold on offer, Form a twitter poll in which you will let your clients weigh in by voting on a deal that they prefer the most.

This will give you a general overview of the customers’ opinions on what your firm is offering as well as inform customers of the existing offer. A poll that is accompanied by a product tutorial, decoration ideas or outfit inspiration will attract more participants since visuals are better in capturing attention.


Respond to customer inquiries with a poll

Going through your followers tweets will inform you about their most pressing concerns that need to be addressed. It can range from the mode of service offered or an assortment of products they would like you to address.

Since your aim is to create an impression of a New Year deal, think of ways that you can increase the demand for your products or services. You can even introduce a poll based on the main products and services that customers would mostly prefer at a certain time of the day or on a particular occasion.


Introduce a competition

Since your aim is to stop people from scrolling and start engaging with your brand, introduce a poll that has a price offering to the people who will be on the winning side.

The winners can earn coupons that will be giving them a discount when shopping for a particular product or services. Such a poll will popularize your firm and is also an excellent way to stay in touch and keep your business-customer relationship alive.


Share useful information

One thing that people will always put a smile on people’s faces and inspires them is motivational messages. As we wind up 2018 and ushering in a new year, think of ways you can rejuvenate the moral of your followers as they prepare to meet new challenges as the year start unraveling.

To attract engagement with your inspirational tweet, formulate a poll that will resonate with the above objective. You should, however, be creative as much as possible in your polls to ensure you drive the conversation in the right direction and you have achieved your objective. Take this chance and build the credibility of your brand that clients can turn to in their hour of need.

Is it Ethical to use Automatic Favorites?


There has been debates and quarrels taking rounds on how ethical is the use of use automatic favorites services. Conventional wisdom has it that going down that path is a step beneath the ethical standard line hence should not be practiced at all.

While much may be said discouraging brands and people from using the service, there is no denying that a person or brand’s following correlates with how important they are among the social media circles. Take for instance venues hosting brands or even clubs booking artists, having a large twitter following beats clear the competition. Yes! The automatic favorites may be fake But the influence that comes with the high twitter following is very real. Here is a breakdown of what you get by using automatic favorites.


You are saving on both time and money

Getting organic followers the natural way of cause is the right way but for a business that is out there to spread its name, get a following, earn their trust and sell to them may not be the best option. Start-ups especially find it hard to survive the economy and the stiff competition when they start out their account with a glaring big zero listed on their page for followers. Use of automatic favorites helps businesses get over this bulge quickly as they push up the numbers with real follower later on.

The bandwagon effect

Have you ever walked across the street and saw a huge gathering on the other side of the lane. The first instinct that strikes you is to go closer and get a glimpse of what is going on over there. This is the idea behind the use of automatic favorite services. Your automated favorites will definitely generate real followers as a result of your imagined popularity.


It’s just another piece of marketing tool

Paying for automatic favorites services is the same as paying for a Twitter Ad Campaign, well the slight difference is that the later doesn’t allow twitter to get their hands on your cash. Another difference that is notable from experience is that Twitter Ad Campaign may take longer getting you the followers that you need right now while auto favorite will do this instantly.

People love associating themselves with popular people and brands. So, having several hundred or thousand automatic favorites makes your account worth their attention. Auto favorites are the best marketing tools according to some social media marketing experts especially to start-ups and small businesses that don’t have the economic muscles to finance various marketing channels.

Use of automatic favorites is a marketing strategy that makes sense as any twitter’s paid advertising options. The caution, however, is to use the service with moderation. If by any chance your followers discover that you are using automated services to gain popularity, they will lose confidence in you which may be devastating businesswise. To avoid such a scenario, it’s crucial to go for a package that includes other features, e.g., retweets and followers to ensure your account looks authentic enough.

Frequently Asked Questions about Automatic Favorites Answered

Before investing your money in automatic favorites, you need to know what they are, how they operate and who can use them, to what extent and the advantages accrued to their use.

The idea and use of automatic favorites were born out of the need to satisfy people and businesses desire to increase visibility on twitter. Basically, automatic favorites allow people to have many auto generated retweets on every tweet that they post. The huge number of tweets posted on the platform on a daily basis may make it hard for a brand’s tweets to get a good viewership and create engagement around the tweet. The auto likes come in handy here. When a tweet has several retweets and likes, twitter assumes that such content is worth the attention of more people hence ranks it higher than other tweets.

The auto favorites are generated by a system that is configured in a way that it can automatically detect every time a new tweet is posted by a subscriber. The system generates the favorites according to the agreement made between the service provider and the user. The number of favorites and the interval at which they are generated are some of the essential details that a user needs to concentrate on when making use of the service. Remember that your main objective is to attract organic followers. So, you need to settle on a number and an interval that won’t jeopardize the authentic appearance of your account.

Auto favorites can be accessed from a service provider either for free or at a certain fee. The ones offered free of charge have few advantages and can take you a long time to achieve the visibility and popularity that you want. Brands prefer the paid ones because of their efficiency and effectiveness in increasing brand visibility within a short span.

Getting a credible automatic service provider is a critical part of your social media campaign because they determine whether you will fail or succeed. A quick online such will give you hundreds of vendors. Although most of them can be reliable, there is however a portion that is there to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers who will take your money and offer you fake automatic favorites then take off before you realize it. This can both frustrate your work and probably ruin the reputation of your brand leave alone risking being flagged by twitter for spamming.

To avoid this, narrow your online such to the best five vendors that you find. Now take a closer look at their websites. Are there customer reviews, how do they respond to customer enquiries, can you find these services around the clock, is there any trial offers before purchasing the services. Answer these questions as you review each vendor. You can even make a call or send an email to see how fast they respond. A credible service provider will most likely be available for customer queries and be ready to offer these services only when the buyer is satisfied that they are getting what they wanted without being pressurized.

Ways to Get Free Instagram Autolikes

Visibility on Instagram has become a very important part of the modern world; yes, I said the modern world. You will be shocked at how easy is to make money off of instagram if you have the visibility. There are people who are getting contracts worth millions simply because they are popular on instagram. This popularity cannot come without visibility. How then do you get this visibility? You have to work towards getting things such as the free instagram autolikes and likes. Having likes and followers in large numbers will definitely put you on the map on the platforms.

How do you get free instagram autolikes? The truth is that you cannot just sit and wait; they will not come. You have to intentionally go out and work for them and seek them. You have to put in the required effort and time to have them coming your way. There are a number of easy shortcuts that you can use to get the free instagram autolikes and this is where positioning becomes important. It is commonly said, in real life, that you are the sum of the five people that are closest to you. Well if you also want to succeed on instagram, you have to start associating yourself with the people that are already popular on the platform.

How do you do this? It is very simple. First and foremost follow them. There are well known celebrities and even normal people that are extremely popular on instagram. Make sure that you follow these people. Some of them are usually philanthropic and will follow back anyone who follows them while some wont. Do not concentrate much on whether or not they are following you back. The fact that you are following them is enough to get you to the next stage. Once you follow these people, make sure that your presence is felt if you want to get the free instagram autolikes. Please do not confuse this statement in any way to mean that you should start stalking them.

It simply means that you will need to be very active. Comment on their posts, like their pictures and so on and so forth. Some of these people usually throw out random polls and questions out there. Participate in such. Once in a while, post a funny meme on there too.  Make sure that your replies are consistent and eye catching. Make sure that your comments and replies always have good content. This will put you not only on the radar of the celebrity that you are following but also on all the other thousands of people  that are following them.

The celebrity will normally just allow you to run your small show there provided that you don’t overcrowd their timeline. Especially stick to the controversial topics. Human beings are simply just attracted to controversy; especially on social media. They just love to get the scoop on the low down and dirty of the currently happening events. Give them this and you can be sure that you will get the free instagram autolikes.

Why IG Users Get Less Number of Free Instagram Autolikes?


Instagram is a social media network that is mainly all about engagement. For a fact, it is definite when it comes to advertisements and you can’t have limitless access too. It is essential to understand that IG seriously concentrates on contents that are meant to encourage other users to be engaged.

Indeed, it is impossible to directly sell product or service through it. Essentially, one could not come up with a long content marketing on the site. The depth and length of the content is limited unlike in other social media platforms.

Everything you share on IG actually focuses on the shares, comments and likes that you obtain from your audience. More than that, take into consideration that if you are not acquiring many of those, then that means using IG isn’t for you. There are a plenty of reasons why many users do not earn the number of likes and followers they desire and a few of these include the following:

  • Ignoring comments

Social network engagement is never a one-way type of interaction. This means that when others like or comment on your post, it matters to return the favor to them. In IG, responding to comments can be one of the best ways to catch the attention of more followers. This is an effective way to keep your audience engaged.

  • Accidental privacy

In truth, it is impossible to keep your IG profile private and anticipate having an extensive engagement. Once your profile is private, other IG users will need to ask for your approval first before they can interact with you, if you’re not a famous personality, people won’t waste time waiting for your permission. If your account is private, then expect to have less number of free Instagram autolikes.

  • Not being able to keep up the frequency when posting

Aside from sustaining a constant posting schedule, it matters to disseminate the content or post you share all through the day. Spread or post them equally – for example, post every 4 hours; divide the time wisely so your followers won’t get irritated seeing limitless number of posts coming from you.


  • Posting second-rate content

It is hard to captivate the attention of IG users if you are not sharing good enough content. It is worth noting that in IG, it is very crucial to post the highest quality and the best videos and images that you could take. As much as possible, get rid of poorly edited videos and images, remove poor quality pictures and ward off anything that appears cliché. You’ve got to be creative enough to lure the attention of your target audience.

Strive harder to post high quality content that could stand best among the rest. Avoid high volumes of content. Know what is worth-sharing and what is not.

Because IG has millions of active users around the planet, it is not a child’s play to obtain a significant number of free Instagram autolikes. So, consider the guides shared above so that you could eventually magnify the number of your followers.